roestertaube asked: i'm sorry to hear your conputers making that much trouble... ;n; good luck, i hope you can get it fixed easily!

Thanks, Roester! *smooches*

I can’t remember what he suspected the problem to be but if it is what he think it is, it’s shouldn’t be too difficult nor expensive. Let’s hope for the best (…and expect the worst c’:)

Hi there!

At the moment I can’t use my computer. My friend’s boyfriend promised to take a look at it and see what the problem could be one of these days when he’s not too busy. So, I won’t be that active for a while (and using Tumblr on phone can be a pain in the ass)

Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep myself busy with school work and by drawing.

Catch you later, dears~


When there’s too much shit you need to get done at once











i have the best friends in the world!

holy shit your victim complex is incredible

*i have the most coddling, chickenshit liberal friends in the world!

hahaha because HOW DARE someone feel like shit for being told to die because of their gender identity right that is HILARIOUS what a terrific joke

Cis people have absolutely no right to complain about being bullied based on gender identity.

Alright. I just spent about a half hour writing a reply to this from my phone, and Tumblr’s shitty ass mobile app ate the post when I tried to send it, so I’m just going to try again from my computer, from scratch, because I am that angry about this idea.

Let me explain to you a goddamn thing.

I’m going to start and explain my exact level of privilege if it concerns you so much. I am a 22-year-old white, cis, pansexual woman raised Mormon, now ex-Mormon because its culture is full of shitty homophobia, misogyny, internalized racism, rape culture-enforcing, victim blaming, and all other kinds of toxic bullshit that would give me full-blown, hyperventilating, nauseating panic attacks every Sunday.

With that out of the way, I’m going to say this: Is cisbullying as severe or widespread as trans*phobia? Does it has as much of a history as cisphobia? No. No, it absolutely does not. Trans*phobia is a severe problem and cisphobia is a slap on the wrist compared to trans*phobia, which has a history of bloodshed and cruelty and discrimination. I am aware of this. I’m not an idiot.

But cisphobia is still an actual, real thing, and it’s a hypocritical, counterproductive movement that I frankly think is complete and utter bullshit. No one on God’s green earth has the fucking right to tell another human being to die based on their gender identity. I seriously cannot understand how anybody can possibly think this is okay, especially trans*, gender fluid, gender neutral, and other nonbinary individuals, who understand oppression the greatest and know how shitty it feels to be reduced to your identity and ridiculed for it. 

"Well, we’re oppressed, so it’s okay." No. No it is fucking not okay, you spoiled infants. You do not get a get out of jail free card just for being nonbinary. You are being a shitty person, attacking someone for the gender identity they have no control of, and then wonder why everyone’s so upset with you. “Waaah, all I did was tell another human being they shouldn’t be alive and that their opinions don’t matter!! Why are you getting so upset with me?” Do you not see how immature and problematic this attitude is?

Yes, being cis is the majority. I understand that. But it is absolutely hypocritical and downright idiotic to think that it’s even remotely okay to attack every cis person based on this judgment, and then turn around and claim that you want equality for everyone, bullying is wrong, no one should be oppressed, because you’re clearly so full of shit that you are the envy of septic tanks everywhere. Nonbinary people as a group are not precious perfect angels, just as cis people are not precious perfect angels. There are shitty, toxic people in every group, without exception. There are good people and bad people in every group, and your gender identity does not define that.

By coincidence, all of my very closest friends identify as trans*, gender neutral, gender fluid, and even intersex, respectively. I am the only cis person in my inner circle. I really honestly do not give half a shit about this fact, being the only cis person. Okay, whatever, it’s what I was born as. But don’t you fucking dare tell me that I’m automatically the shittiest person in the group for the sole fact that I am cis.

I love my friends more than I can explain and I will fight tooth and nail for their rights and their freedom, because I want them to use whatever fucking bathroom they want, I want them to have access to medical care to transition if they want, I want them to be able to live peacefully and happily and be comfortable with themselves and not deal with assholes who would try to hurt them just for who and what they are.

I use my cis privilege to educate other cis people about the struggles minorities go through. I am listened to, understood, and I’ve even broadened the horizons of many of my friends and family, just by coming out as bisexual (pansexual was a very recent self-acceptance, and I am educating about that too). Am I a special snowflake for this? Again, no. I absolutely am not a special snowflake. I’m being a goddamn decent human being and I don’t expect a fucking pat on the back for what I do and say in support of the trans* community.

But I absolutely will not tolerate other people making my cis friends feel like shit for who they are under the extremely flawed and immature reasoning of “well they’re cis, so they have no right”.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

I’m pansexual. I have been aware of my same-sex attraction my entire life, and then more as I grew up and became educated and learned to recognize the full spectrum of my sexual attractions, and I’ve been very acutely aware that people believe that I’m automatically a whore, a cheater, ‘confused’, ‘just a lesbian who won’t admit it and still has a foot in the closet’. 

Don’t forget I was raised Mormon and had to endure 19 years of hearing people preach how people like me were going to hell, were ‘wrong’ or ‘broken’ somehow, influenced by the Devil, and having to smile and nod along with them out of terror of rejection and being kicked out of my home and ostracized by my entire Mormon family on both sides, or being forced to a conversion camp to be ‘fixed’ so I could be ‘normal’ and go to Heaven with everyone else. I think I have a fucking taste of what trans people go through, thank you very much. Not a full, exact, identical understanding, but a taste. That much fear and oppression for a taste.

The only cis people who have no right to complain about being bullied are the ones who actively are transphobic and bully nonbinary individuals, and even then, it should have nothing to do with their cissexuality, but with how they are behaving.

Don’t you fucking dare tell me I’m not allowed to complain when I’m being wronged. Just don’t you fucking even.

I’m fucking done. And if you’re going to go ahead and unfollow me, by all means go ahead because I want nothing to do with your toxic, backwards bullshit.


I’m getting real tired of my computer.

Some of you might remember my problem with turning it on and how I fixed it by swithing its power cord’s place. Well, that kind of worked. After turning the computer on for few times it refused to start up again but started working after switching power cord’s place until it started to work again. I’ve been repeating the same process since I ‘fixed’ that damn box.

But it feels like everytime it does that it takes longer for it to turn on than previously. Hoping that there’s nothing wrong with the computer itself, I thought maybe the cord is getting bad because all the other machines and stuff work just fine and tried replacing it with new one. Nope, same results.

I think it’s time to go get it checked because I honestly don’t have the brain to figure this shit out.


Slenderman.January 2013.


January 2013.

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When I was in the hospital
I was roomed with a schizophrenic
And she was the most gentle person I have ever met
There was a boy with a long deep slit across his neck
Who told very funny jokes
A girl who never spoke a word
Would draw the most beautiful pictures
The boy who shook with anxiety
Could hold the most intelligent conversations
Even the girl who screamed in her sleep and picked at her skin
Had a heart the size of the ocean
We are not who you think we are

  • People who can't draw: Drawing is fucking hard
  • People who don't try at all: Drawing is fucking hard
  • Teachers: Drawing is fucking hard
  • Beginning artists: Drawing is fucking hard
  • Pro artists: Drawing is fucking hard
  • Famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard
  • Extremely famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard
  • Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history: Drawing is fucking hard
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DAFT PUNK - Speed of SoundI am painting with relax, so it take a few days to complete.will be available for printing on T-shirts and tote bag.© 2014 EIJI RETSUYA All Rights Reserved.


DAFT PUNK - Speed of Sound
I am painting with relax, so it take a few days to complete.
will be available for printing on T-shirts and tote bag.

© 2014 EIJI RETSUYA All Rights Reserved.

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  • bisexual with a preference for the same sex does not mean "one foot out of the closet."
  • bisexual with a preference for the opposite sex does not mean "trying to get attention."
  • lesbian does not mean "masculine."
  • gay does not mean "feminine."
  • transgender does not mean "going through a phase."
  • transsexual does not mean "a disappointment." nor does it mean "gender identity confusion."
  • asexual does not mean "prude."
  • demisexual does not mean "prude."
  • pansexual does not mean "easy."
  • heterosexual does not mean "normal"
  • Your does not mean "you are"
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Super kawaii Finn

Arigatou Desupondensu-san